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The Contour Difference


The new Contour Customer Portal allows Contour users to manage most day-to-day tasks related to their service. But when their needs go beyond the day-today, our technical support staff are fully trained on all our products and have a wealth of experience troubleshooting network issues. They are ready to assist with deployment issues and router configuration as well as researching coverage at specific locations. They work closely with our carrier partners and hardware partners so they have a depth of expertise far beyond what you find in a typical "call center." In cases where a deeper dive is required they have direct access to our network engineers for analyzing traffic flows, network sessions, and all parameters related to how a device is communicating on the network.

Our Support Center is staffed on-site 7AM - 6PM Monday through Friday and 9AM - 6PM on Saturday Mountain Time (with the exception of a few major holidays each year) and we answer the phone 24x7 with NOC support available after hours and on Sundays for any critical issues.

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