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Quick Start Guide



  1. Connect the power supply to the power connector on the unit, and plug the other end into a wall outlet. Some power supplies have barrel connectors, these are round and should be rotated as they are inserted to lock them in. Other power supplies need to be ‘snapped’ into place.

  2. When the unit is powered-up, the LEDs will illuminate and the unit will initiate a series of diagnostic self-tests which can take a couple minutes. During this process one or more of the LEDs will flash to show that the unit is busy. When the service or signal lights are on, it means the router is online and ready for use. If using InHand hardware please note that the power LED should show as red if everything is working properly.

  3. If your device has two antennas then both need to be connected. If the device has two antennas, it must have both antennas plugged in to work properly.


1. Set the terminal IP settings to use DHCP client. If this does not work, you should manually set the IP settings found below.

2. Connect a straight-through CAT5E cable between the terminal and the Contour Cellular Modem’s Ethernet Port.

3. Setup the terminal configuration.

4. Check if the terminal can contact processor services.

5. If there is a configuration/processing error at this point contact the company providing these services.

6. If there is a communication error at this point, contact Contour Technical Support.










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