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The Contour Difference

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certification

For many years, retail organizations, ATM operators, and Financial Institutions have leased point-to-point landlines in order to get the security and reliability they need to facilitate financial transactions. Others have used dial-up lines or VPNs over DSL and Cable connections.

A point-to-point leased line provides the user with a private, dedicated path through the carrier network, between two points. Contour has applied this concept to our network by connecting directly with its carrier partners and with our customers’ payments processors, thereby providing our customers with a Private Wireless Leased Line (PWLL). In its simplest form, PWLL provides the user with a less expensive, easier and quicker to deploy version of a leased landline. You can be certain that your traffic is secure from Internet-based threats because your traffic is never routed over the Internet. When our customers use a Contour certified cellular router, they also benefit from having our router management system contained within the private network.

Within our Private Network, each customer is provided their own private network, such that the customer can have access via a private connection with Contour to its own devices, but no customer is able to see or connect to another customer’s devices, and no two customers’ devices can communicate with one another. Simply, our customers’ networks are completely segmented and completely private, so you never have to worry about external or internal threats.

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