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The Contour Difference

Why Is A Private Network Important?

Every device on the public internet is under almost constant scan looking for known vulnerabilities, open network ports, and, in some cases, susceptibility to "zero day" attacks. The people behind these scans range from well-organized gangs of cyber criminals to so-called "script kiddies." In the case of the well publicized "Heartbleed" bug, the scanning traffic was intense enough to act similar to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attach and overwhelmed some devices that were not even vulnerable to Heartbleed itself.

Where there is money or potentially valuable information at stake attackers may use other techniques like a "man in the middle" attack or plant malware into connected devices to siphon off data being transmitted on the network.

Why place your information in the line of fire?

With Contour's private network you don't need to invest in a full MPLS network to keep your data safe. Acting as a private wide-area network (WAN), data on our private network is not exposed to constant scans and attacks on the public internet.

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