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USIM Universal Authentication SIM Platform for LTE/CBRS

USIM is a product designed to simplify the authentication and profile needs for CBRS/LTE environments. 

The USIM product features a multi-profile, hardware agnostic, programmable test SIM. Profiles are built and managed via two applications - USIM Build (administrative) and USIM Profile (user) using any Android OS Device (5.0+). Apps are avaialble through the Google Play Store.

Profiles support customization of IMSI, MSISDN, Ki, OP, OPC, SPN, and MNC/MCC.

The SIM cards are available in traditional plastic formats, as well as in an overlay SIM format that is applied to an existing SIM. The Basic USIM Product is designed for minimal profile usage with USIM Pro and USIM Flex expand to support up to eighteen profiles. Profile downloads are included with each package with additional downloads available for purchase as needed.

The USIM product is available for purchase in packages of one, five or ten SIMs.

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