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October 26th, 2020

JCI US and LRM-COM execute partnership agreement for 5G/CBRS in Commercial Real Estate

DENVER, October 26th, 2020 – JCI US Inc., a subsidiary of Japan Communications Inc., (T: 9424), and provider of secure and reliable communications, and LRM-COM Inc., a Denver, Colorado based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) focused on the provision of wireline telecommunications for commercial real estate (CRE), today announced their execution of an agreement to partner to provide 5G/CBRS services to LRM-COM’s retail and enterprise customers. Under the agreement, LRM-COM and JCI US will jointly approach large scale retail and CRE operators to offer 5G/CBRS services to augment and strengthen their existing wireline networks. Additionally, under the agreement LRM-COM and JCI US have agreed commercial terms for the deployment, operation and management of the CBRS network that JCI US has deployed to Southlands, a major mall in Colorado.

LRM-COM provides wireline fiber telecommunications networks and consulting services for CRE, including the design, build and operation of over 40 shopping mall networks across North America. Under this agreement, JCI US and LRM-COM will jointly identify and approach CRE operators with needs or use cases that are best served by 5G/CBRS wireless connectivity. These include LRM-COM’s existing customers, including nationwide mall operators and major retailers as well as office space owners and tenants. New customers, such as large scale construction projects, hotels and municipalities, are also actively being approached.

JCI US has already deployed a CBRS network to Southlands mall for LRM-COM. Both parties have completed testing activities on this network and LRM-COM have commenced commercial payments to JCI US for the operation and maintenance of this network. JCI US and LRM-COM will continue delivering 5G/CBRS solutions for the over 130 tenants operating in Southlands. Solutions include fixed tenant and kiosk Internet services, secure point of sale connectivity, segmented connectivity for wireless cameras for security and consumer traffic as well as connectivity for air-gapped elements such as HVAC systems. Similar solutions are being prepared for roll-out in several other malls in the Denver area. In addition to monetizing the wireless connectivity solutions, JCI US is providing outsourced network design, development and operational services for LRM-COM for each 5G/CBRS location deployed. This enables 5G/CBRS to be monetized both from the service and operation of the network and from the networks efficiencies it provides to wireline operators.

For existing CRE, 5G/CBRS will not achieve its full success potential when offered as purely a standalone solution. 5G/CBRS should instead be delivered to augment wireline networks, by offering an additional layer of network connectivity that provides convenience, flexibility and redundancy that wireline networks alone cannot deliver. The synergies between wireless and wireline networks will ensure quick return on infrastructure investment and will create new revenue streams well in to the future through the innovative capacity of wireless communications. This strategy of leveraging the untapped synergies between wireless and wireline carriers is at the core of JCI US’s relationship with LRM-COM.

Upon hearing of the agreement between LRM-COM and JCI US, JCI US President and COO Greg Deickman said “LRM-COM is a leader in its field with extensive network deployments across North America. I am delighted to work with LRM-COM to provide 5G/CBRS services to their wireline customers. JCI US looks forward to working with LRM-COM to deliver excellent services and solutions to commercial real estate across the US. I strongly believe that partnership with wireline providers such as LRM-COM represents the optimal path for 5G/CBRS adoption and monetization.” Regarding the agreement, LRM-COM President Larry Monger said “Through our Southlands deployment, we have seen the strength of CBRS to deliver innovative and flexible communication services. We are very excited to partner with JCI US to deliver new and exciting solutions for our customers, in particular in large scale retail malls and high-density, high-rise office complexes.”

About JCI US

Japan Communications Inc. was established in 1996 to fulfill an objective by Japan’s Ministry of Communications to develop next-generation mobile communication as the foundation of Japan’s economic growth. Following success as one of the world’s first mobile enablers, in 2006, the company began global expansion in the United States market under the brand name Contour Networks. In 2019, all JCI Group companies in the US were merged to form JCI US Inc.. Servicing the critical need for secure and reliable wireless data services, JCI is a key technology leader in the global communications space, and along with subsidiaries JCI US and JCI EU, has offices in Tokyo, Denver, Charleston, and Dublin. JCI is listed on Section One of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (9424.T).

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