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June 24, 2019

JCI US (Contour Networks) introduces a SIM Platform for LTE/CBRS Network Testing and Management

Simplifying implementation of LTE/CBRS Networks for new users

DENVER, June 24, 2019 -- JCI US (T: 9424) a secure communication provider, today announced the commercial launch of its USIM Universal Authentication platform under its Contour Networks brand. USIM is a flexible solution that enables the creation of customized SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, simplifying network authentication for LTE/CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) environments, simply utilizing the application downloadable from Google Play App Store.

USIM is designed for businesses deploying and trialing CBRS (the shared wireless broadband use of the 3550-3700 MHz spectrum band in the United States) networks. USIM is also compatible with shared-spectrum networks globally. Additionally, the product is available for manufacturers and distributors of CBRS equipment seeking a simple and efficient solution for network authentication. The flexibility of the hardware agnostic, multi-profile, programmable SIMs allows testing of multiple CBRS networks across various manufacturer terminals and software (EPC) using the same SIM.

A key component to the USIM solution is a programmable SIM card, available in traditional plastic form factors or a convenient overlay format that can be applied to a device’s existing SIM. Comprehensive profile customization and design work is simplified through a user-friendly mobile application. Furthermore, profiles can be built and managed via the administrative USIM Build application. Users download and switch between SIM profiles through the USIM Profile application. Both applications are available through the Google Play App Store.

“The manner in which the CBRS spectrum has been defined leads one to assume that all you need is the base station, its software and a terminal operating much like the current WiFi plug and play environment. This assumption can lead to major problems for the user since the LTE environment, serving as the base technology in the CBRS spectrum, requires all of the complex processes of authentication and user management that a major MNO (Mobile Network Operator) currently manages. It is our hope that our Universal SIM and associated support, will contribute in facilitating extensive adoption by a broad based user population by assisting the user to connect, test and manage the complexities associated with the operation of the base station, software and terminal on the LTE CBRS Network,“ says Greg Deickman, President of JCI US.

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